adagger - intelligent solutions.

adagger - intelligent engineering.

adagger is a professional engineering company with over 10 years of experience. We have completed many successful projects and know how to provide the basis for your success. We look at your individual requirements in detail to deliver state-of-the-art software that makes the difference.

We believe that our accurate, efficient and well-organized approach is essential for the development of reliable software solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectation of our customers.

Surely, there are different ways to develop a solution. Why not taking an intelligent one?


As a consultant company focused on cutting-edge research and technology we always deliver outstanding performance which satisfies our customers. You need help with an IT related project? Please read more about our services.

Software Development

We love writing code especially when it gets challenging. You can completely trust our clever software architecture, our thorough implementation and robust testing routines. We cover pretty much any software application, just read more about our offers.

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Our products stand for innovation. At the moment we offer a small range of software solutions out of the box which will boost your business. Our software products are typically free and open source. Take a look and learn more about our products.

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