Consultancy Services

As a company we proud of our strong consulting capability. In the past we have shaped the future of our clients in a successful way. We are happy to deliver serives in the area of business consulting and IT related consulting.

Business Consulting

Our expert advice is highly recognised by our customers especially when it comes to technology. We are learning very fast, we love to get effective in a new environment and come forward with exceptional ideas to make your business more successful. We have worked across several industries, looked at typical issues and developed strategies to overcome risks and problems. It is our commitment to highlight potential improvements and to pass our excellent knowledge on to our clients. Please read more about our business consulting expertise.

We have a strong focus on business intelligence. Unfortunately decisions in a business environment are often taken out of emotions rather than facts leading to a poor result. Our approach is different: We aim to use modern tools of data science and machine learning to improve decision making.

IT Consulting

The field of IT is exposed to a continuous change. As new technologies come and go it might not always be that easy to implement the ideal IT concept for your business. Therefore, a strong partnership with adagger could help you to exploit all opportunities and potential.

We are happy to advise on all kind of IT related topics. The main areas we cover are web development activities, data science tools and big data solutions.

Science and Engineering Consulting

We love to work with technology and most of our staff has a background in science or engineering. Working at the cutting edge of technology has helped us to gain a broad understanding in the area of research and product development. We are happy to share our expertise and to advise.