At adagger we offer a wide range on IT related services and cover the whole process of software development from collecting ideas, designing software, implementation, testing up to the deployment.


We love to work closely together with our customers so that we can fully understand their needs and come up with innovative solutions to add value to our customer's business. We focus on both, business consulting and IT related consulting. We are happy to take you through the whole software development cycle to make sure that the best solution is developed and your IT project suceeds. Read more about our Consulting activities.


We look closely at the requirements of our customers and work with a wide range of technologies to realise IT projects successfully. We cover a wide range of applications: From mobile development over websites and intranet up to big data. Our main focus is on adding benefit to your business. We will not only develop the software you ask for but will try to deliver even more than you could have thought of. Read more about our passion for software development

Science and Engineering

Business has changed a lot in recent years: The main elements to drive a business are science, engineering and technology. The predictive power of well engineered models are used to establish whether a product or services is promising. Nowadays, hardly every big business processes data using data science and machine learning in order to predict or optimize its operations. And this process will continue: For many businesses, well engineered technolgoies will be the key to a successful future. Read more about our science and engineering services