Our experience with Germany-based webhosting from HostEurope

From time to time our customers and clients ask us about options to host web projects in Germany. In this article I would like to share our experience with the hosting offers from HostEurope.

In the past years we have realized a couple of web projects and customers often ask about our experience with Germany-based web hosting companies. We have also done some web development on various projects and hence we have some experience with web hosters in the German-speaking area such as goneo.de, all-inkl.com, united-domains.de or 1und1.de to give a few examples.

At the moment we rely on web hosting offers from HostEurope to host our company website. HostEurope might seem a bit more expensive compared to other hosting companies but we find that HostEurope offers great value for money.

Our experience with the HostEurope support

Apart from the price and technical details of the hosting offer we believe that the customer support of the company is an important factor when choosing a webhosting plan. Not only the response time but also the quality of the support is important.

Webhosting, virtual server and managed server offers from HostEurope

HostEurope offers various web hosting products and domain related services ranging from simple WordPress hosting up to root servers. You can also order domains or SSL certificates from HostEurope.

Relying on HostEurope since 2010

We have been using HostEurope for over 10 years now and are very pleased with their offer. Currently we use a managed virtual server to host our company website. We have also ordered various domains over the past couple of years.