Our Services for Typo3 Websites

Typo3 is a popular and flexible content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and run all kinds of websites. Typo3 is a popular choice especially for enterprise websites and in many cases an interesting alternative to other systems such as Django, Joomla or WordPress.

Creating Typo3 websites

One of our core services is to create Typo3 websites for you. We support you from the very beginning starting with planning layout, content and design for your website. We also realize Typo3 websites according to your specifications and deploy your website.

Creating Typo3 templates

The template is an important part of your website. Many aspects such as user experience and speed need to be considered to have a great template for your website.

In recent years responsive design for Typo3 websites has become more important for various reasons. Please contact us if you would like to convert your existing Typo3 template into a responsive template.

Migration of Typo3 websites

If you already have a website and would like to switch to Typo3 we are happy to support you. For various reasons it might be beneficial to use Typo3 and change to Typo3 from another content management system. We are happy to migrate your website by transferring content, migrating the template and replacing existing functionality by appropriate Typo3 extensions.

We also support you if you would like to switch from Typo3 to another backend such as Django or WordPress for instance.

Optimization of Typo3 websites

If you already have a Typo3 website you might be interested in optimizing your website in order to grow your business or page. There are various options to improve your Typo3 website.

First of all there is the page speed and loading time of your Typo3 website. In order to improve performance metrics the first step is to measure and analyze the current setup. Such first analysis will indicate which measures could be taken in order to improve your website.

Another approach is to improve user experience of your Typo3 website.

Are you interested in our Typo3 services? Please contact us for more information.