We create Django Web Applications

We have extensive experience with Django which is one of the most popular Python Web frameworks. Django allows rapid development and is easily extendable. Our team of experienced Django developers enjoys working on interesting projects. We focus on delivering solid, modern web applications with Django which are secure and reliable.

Our Django Services

The following list gives you an idea of what we typically work on when it comes to Django. Please contact us for any Django-related request.

Creating Django Websites

As an experienced Django agency we love to develop bespoke websites for you. We take the time to understand your business, to formulate requirements together and to implement an intelligent solution that is simple, scalable and reliable.

Creating MVPs

In general Django is an excellent choice to create a minimum viable product (MVP) or SaaS prototypes. This is due to the fact that Django already comes with features that allow fast development and there are also many Django applications available to bring in additional functionality. We are happy to support you on your journey of developing a MVP with Django.

Creating Django Microservices

Django is a very good candidate for backend development and might be a good choice to be used in a microservice architecture. Extensions such as the Django REST framework allow easy integration with other services and its authentication and logging functionality also might come in handy. Hence, we are very happy to develop Django-based microservices.

Migrating to Django from other systems

You believe in the power of Django but have started off on a different path? We are happy to support you on moving your application from other systems to Django. This could include but is not limited to apps that are build on WordPress, Joomla and Typo3. Talk to us for more details!

Developing scientific applications with Django

Python is heavily used for scientific applications - Data Science, Machine Learning, Simulations are a few examples. Therefore Django could be the ideal tool to serve scientific applications on the web. Users of your application won't need to install any specific software anymore but could rather consume your application as a service through the browser.

Deploying Django in production

We have lots of experience with running Django in production and have supported various deployment scenarios in the past. Some of these scenarios are deploying Django on Django-specific cloud services such as Google App Engine and running Django on virtual machines or servers along with nginx and gunicorn.

For more scalable and highly available solutions we use Container technologies such as Docker and happily deploy Django on clusters through container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes.

Debugging and optimising Django applications

We also offer a wide range of Django-related debugging and optimisation services. We understand that time is critical to solve such issues to keep your make your customers and users happy and ultimately keep your business running. Hence we aim for resolution within a very short time, also outside of typical business hours. Please get in contact for more details.

One common example is resolving bugs in your application. We are happy to debug issues with Django applications and provide fixes.

Another typical request is speeding up your Django application. It is quite a common scenario that API endpoints take significant amount of time to respond which causes a poor user experience. Root causes differ very much but often inefficient database queries cause a significant latency.